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Try our AUTOSAR conformant software platform Julinar®. We developed Julinar® to satisfy our customers’ need for an easy to use product that can speed up your development process.

What is AUTOSAR?

A global consortium consisting of major car manufacturers

AUTOSAR is a global partnership established in 2003 with the purpose of creating a mutual standard for software infrastructures to solve the issues caused by the growing complexity of vehicle software systems. Today, over a hundred organizations such as automobile, auto-parts, and semiconductor manufactures and software companies from all around the world have joined AUTOSAR. Currently, AUTOSAR is working on the standardization of two types of software platforms: Classic Platform, which targets vehicle control systems, and Adaptive Platform, which targets  autonomous cars and AIDAS. The AUTOSAR Classic Platform has already become a de facto standard in the European automotive industry and the demand is rising in USA and Japan. 

APTJ is a premium partner of AUTOSAR and assumes a quality role in its standardization activity. We use the techniques and the knowledge deprived from this experience in the development of Julinar® SPF(software platform: consists of Basic Software Modules and RTE generators.)

Why use AUTOSAR?

The foremost reason for adopting AUTOSAR is to optimize your development process.

The basic concept of the AUTOSAR Classic Platform(CP) is to separate the applications and the infrastructure. The software architecture is layered: application layer at the top, Runtime Environment(RTE) layer  in the middle, and Basic Software(BSW) layer at the bottom. All layers are conponentized which increases the reusabilty of the modules. The application layer is also separated from the hardware. This makes it possible for the engineers to use the same application program for different ECUs: a shift from ECU based development to application based development.

Software Architecture​ of AUTOSAR Classic Platform R4.2.2

source: AUTOSAR Layered Software Architecture 4.2.2

AUTOSAR makes it possible:
 1. to reduce overlapping development by increasing system reusability
    2. to lower the hurdle for adopting new functions and technologies
    3. to maintain flexibility of the software architecture

What is Julinar® SPF?

an AUTOSAR conformant Software Platform

Version of Release
AUTOSAR Classic Platform R4.2.2
*Few modules are based on R4.3.x (See the figure on the right)
・BSW module (includes library, runtime code, and generator)
・RTE generator
Configuration Environment
・GUI environment based on SystemDesk by dSpace
・Original text-based environment
Supported Microcontrollers
・RH850/F1K (Renesas Electronics)
・RH850/F1KM-S1 (Renesas Electronics)
・RH850/P1M (Renesas Electronics)
・RH850/P1M-C (Renesas Electronics)
・RH850/P1M-E (Renesas Electronics)
・Cortex-R52 (ARM)
・[Tricore (Infineon)]
*We also offer porting service for other microcontrollers
Choose a License based on your Need
・Development License
・Product License
・Source Code License
Development Process
・In accordance with Automotive SPICE
・Achieved certification of ISO26262 compliance up to ASIL D

BSW Modules Lineup

Julinar SPF is based on AUTOSAR CP R4.2.2 (Note that some of the modules※ are conformant to R4.3.x: security cluster, ethernet cluster, Crypto(HW) module, and Eth module.)
The license is also available in cluster or module terms. Please ask for specifics.

We have finished applying Automotive SPICE to the modules and the clusters marked “NEW” in the figure above in September of 2019.

Please note that the modules marked as “Pre-proto” in the figure above are modules that are still under development due to specification changes or modules that have not reached the level of quality required by our Automotive SPICE based development process.


◆ Faithful to the AUTOSAR specification
 ・A pure AUTOSAR from the position of an independent software vendor
 ・Memory efficiency and shorter processing time
 ・Accurate software collaboration and synchronization with minimum load

◆Modifiable source code
 Note: Some license types do not include modify rights

◆Experience in OEM specified developments
 ・Diagnostic functions
    ・Communication modules

Reliable Quality

◆Strong academic ties
    ・Julinar® SPF utilizes the long term R&D results and knowledge of Nagoya University
 ・Highly efficient real-time OS technology
  (a balance between execution and software reliance)
    * Installed in the system of JAXA H-ⅡB rocket 
 ・ Advanced functions and implementation technologies
            ex) multi-core optimization

◆Cooperative relationship with Tier1 suppliers
 ・As a result of joint development, the software satisfies the requirements and the quality demands of the Tier1 suppliers

Where is Julinar® SPF used?

◆Cars with ECUs using Julinar® SPF are scheduled to hit the market in 2020 
 ・Several projects are currently in progress at various Tier1 suppliers

Security Testbed System
 ・Open sourced vehicle security evaluation platform
 ・Developed by Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)

A Support when you Need It

We provide amazing support service that is based on our unique business model.

Do you have any questions about Julinar® SPF?

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