Our unique business model allow us to provide each of our customers the ideal user experience. Based on careful consultation, we deliver modules that best match the needs of our customers, and we back it up by an attentive support system.

An ECOSYSTEM created through partnership

Role of APTJ

To develop innovative software platforms(SPF) for vehicle control systems

Role of Partner Software Firms

◆ To invest in APTJ

◆ To send qualified engineers to APTJ

◆ To sell Julinar® SPF licenses

Role of Joint Development Suppliers/OEM

◆ To provide feedback of the SPF under development

◆ To provide joint development costs

We Focus on Communication

Our business model emphasizes on creating an environment that establishes a smooth communication flow between the partner software firms, the joint development suppliers/OEM, and us. The system allows our engineers to work in close relationships with the users(customers.)
We always start our development with detailed consultation in order to figure out our customers’ real needs in order to provide the solutions and the modules that are ideal for each of them.
Then during the development stage, the system encourages the customers to assume an active role through their feedback. By exchanging opinions with our engineers throughout the development, the customers can gradually deepen their understanding of the product before delivery, which leads to enhancing the quality of our after care support. This mechanism also provides our engineers an opportunity to grow as an integrator, given the chance to directly communicate with the users to solve their issues and sharing the knowledge derived from the experience with other engineers. 

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Engineers

Best Quality for the USERS

Efficient Support