APTJ has joined the Japan Automotive ISAC

APTJ has joined Japan Automotive ISAC (Japan Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, abbreviated J-Auto-ISAC) as of April , 2021.

J-Auto-ISAC is a general incorporated association that promotes information sharing and analysis of cyber security risks in Japan and enhancement of cyber security response capabilities across the industry.

From the standpoint of a BSW*1 vendor, we will strengthen our collaboration with a wide range of industries, including automotive companies, parts suppliers, and various research institutes, with the aim of developing a robust software platform for automotive control systems against cyber security risks and providing related services.
*1 BSW:Basic Software


”Julinar” has been adopted for the EPS of Nissan’s new ‘Rogue’.

The AUTOSAR conformant software platform “Julinar®”  *1, which is being developed and sold by APTJ Corporation, has been adopted for EPS *2 developed by JTEKT Corporation.
This EPS will be installed in the new Nissan “Rogue” *3 for North America, which will go on sale in October 2020.

Among the basic functions of a vehicle such as driving, turning, and stopping, EPS is an important system for “turning”.
For this reason, EPS needs to be highly safe and reliable.
In the development of the software for the EPS, both companies worked closely together, taking advantage of JTEKT’s expertise in functional safety and APTJ’s expertise in software platforms.

As a result, JTEKT and APTJ were able to commercialize the software by efficiently solving implementation issues such as meeting high safety requirements, smooth integration with other modules, and reduction of overhead time.
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APTJ will continue to provide a software platform that achieves high safety and reliability to domestic and overseas automotive manufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers.

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*1   Julinar® :Our Products(registered trademark)

*2  EPS:ElectricPowerSteering
*3   Nissan “Rogue”

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