APTJ announces new partnership with OpenSynergy

November 20, 2019
APTJ Co., Ltd.

APTJ today announced its partnership with the German company OpenSynergy GmbH for the sales of APTJ’s AUTOSAR Classic solution “Julinar® SPF”. OpenSynergy will act as a secondary distributor while APTJ’s partner software firms (see Our Business Model)  will continue to sell and provide support services as well. In the future, they aim to combine APTJ’s AUTOSAR technologies and OpenSynergy’s  virtualization technologies to deliver next generation in-vehicle software platforms.

OpenSynergy is a leading provider of embedded software solutions for next generation vehicles. OpenSynergy’s virtualization platform “COQOS Hypervisor SDK” supports freedom from interference between systems, enabling the convergence of functions with different levels of safety and security requirements on a Soc. OpenSynergy plans to offer Julinar® SPF to customers who are interested in hypervisor software development with pre-integrated stacks.